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Hello, My name is Matt Swartz, Owner and Founder of Shenandoah Valley Bulldogs (SVB)

We are an English  and French Bulldog breeder located in the northern region of Virginia, known as the Shenandoah Valley. 

SVB has been breeding since the spring of 2009 when breeding Bulldogs became my true passion. I have always had a love for these breeds since I can remember. From reading books, watching videos, talking to reputable breeders.  I began to learn so much about them that I never knew excised. Everything from how they got started, their possible health issues, to their current popularity. The more I learned about the breeds the more I wanted to be a part of improving and creating the healthiest and best quality Bulldog possible, while keeping temperament a third point of focus when making my breed selections. We breed everything from standard color show stock, to the recent and upcoming rare colors.

SVB goes above and beyond to uphold our standard, Health-Quality-Temperament. Prior to selecting our breed pairings both parents must be AKC registered, pass a DNA health panel test and be negative for double copies of genetic disorders, be of high quality when compared to AKC standards, and have excellent temperament. With these steps accomplished we are confident to offer a three year genetic health guarantee with every placement of our puppies.

Once our puppies are born, they are confined to incubators with oxygen, humidity and temperature-controlled environment to ensure the best possible chance at getting a great start in life with low-risk of environmental factors. Once they are two weeks of age and their eyes are open, they are removed from incubation and continue to be supervised 24/7. De-worming is completed at 2, 3, 4, 6, and 8 weeks of age, vaccinations are started at 7 weeks of age. Once they are 8 weeks of age and vet cleared, they may leave for their forever home. This is the hardest part of the process as we get so attached to them over the first 8 weeks of their life. As the puppies grow, we involve them in  our everyday lives and get them socialized. We love to stay in contact with families when they leave our home to ensure their developing and doing well. We will also occasionally ask for a family photo for our social media page.

As previously stated, this is my true passion and if I can assist in any way possible, I am here for you! Please feel free to reach out anytime by phone or schedule a time to stop by and meet our bulldog family, we would love to meet you and talk bullies.

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