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SVB offers not a one, or a two, but a THREE-YEAR Health Guarantee! We take pride in our Health-Quality-Temperament breeding program that we feel overly confident to offer this guarantee. All our breed pairings are DNA genetic health tested and cleared for double copy disorders being produced in our puppies. Our three-year guarantee covers any genetic life-threatening genetic disorder that causes death of the puppy up to three years for a full refund or puppy replacement at equal value when available, puppy replacement must be chosen within and up to a maximum of one year and agreed upon by both parties. Written diagnosis must be in form by a licensed Vet and be none other than a genetic cause. An autopsy/biopsy must be completed to diagnose cause of death.

To validate the health guarantee, the customer must have the puppy vet checked within one week of dated final sale. The customer must provide the puppy with NuVet plus immune supplements and administer consecutively for minimum of 12 months. We require this to be purchased prior to taking possession of the puppy to ensure the dosage is not skipped/lapsed. We believe in this supplement to jump-start and build the puppies immune system to fight against conditions that may arise if not provided to the puppy. NuVet order code is #66517 and must be ordered directly from NuVet at or 800-474-7044. Fortiflora probiotics are also highly recommended as a daily dose to continue a healthy gut.

Examples not covered: Not covered in the health guarantee are as follows but not limited to: bacterial and viral conditions, contracted illnesses once left for their new home, cherry eye, under-over bites, hernias, or any ingested condition, and skin conditions.

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