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Picking Up your Puppy


  • Balance owed to be paid in full at time of pick-up. Cash or CC Accepted at pickup. If using a CC a 4% surcharge will be applied.
  • Puppy will come AKC registered, registration will be paid and transferred to new ownership by SVB and mailed directly by AKC.
  • Vaccinations and de-worming will be kept up to date and documented for your first visit.
  • Food will be provided for transitioning.
  • Things you may need for the trip home: Crate, Water, Towels, Wipes, Blanket, Frequent potty breaks to prevent accidents.
  • Situations you may experience with your new puppy on your trip home: Fear, Anxiety, homesick, Diarrhea, Restlessness, digging, whining and barking.
  • Be cautious of letting your puppy roam at rest stop areas and strange places bacteria can be found. As your puppy grows and matures as will its immune system, however at this early age they are very susceptible to bactirial and viral infections.
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